Hello there, once again!

Within a universe in which animals wear hats, smoke cigars and wear all other kinds of odd things, an intruder has placed themselves into the masses. You, as the farmer keeping all of these animals, will have to identify the intruder and yeet them out of the pen!

This game was made for the miniBeansJam 8 ("Du solltest nicht hier sein", or "You shouldnt be here") within 48h, which is now my third time participating in the miniBeansJam! Thank you for hosting these events :) You may encounter the odd bug here and there (such as the animals not moving for some reason), but that's just how jam games are sometimes. Refresh the page to start anew!

[Left Click] Pick up Animal
While grabbing the animal, use and hold [Right Click] to engage the yeeting process, [Drag] the Mouse somewhere and let go off [Right Click] to perform the yeet!

Thank you for playing!



[Code] Sebastian Bähring
[Sprites & Art] Takooki

External Sources

[Background Music] "Shanty Town" by FoolBoyMedia
[Swoosh Sound] "swoosh-2" by lesaucisson
[Correct Sound] "Correct" by LittleRainySeasons
[Wrong Sound] "Wrong Choice" by unadamlar
[Grass Texture] Grass Texture by babysofja


miniBeansJam8 Jam Ver. 11 MB


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9165 and my 4 year old loved it :]

Really glad you enjoyed it! :)

Cool, lost at 11600. But what have the intruder done to justify catapuling?

Probably a big case of §123 StGB!