Hello there!

In Zweite Kasse, bitte! you're a cashier in a busy supermarket, doing your everyday work. Today however, there seem to me a lot more customers than usual. Might it be the special deals? As per supermarket lore, having to open a second cash register is shameful and disproves your ability to handle your job well. It's you against the time.

That said, try to type in as many words (customers) as possible before the queue gets too long. Should it reach that point, it's "Zweite Kasse, bitte!"

This game was made for the miniBeansJam 7 ("Night genug Zeit", or "Not enough time") within 48h. As I had to work over the jam weekend, I had little time to actually create something, so I decided to go with the meta approach of turning my work (which made me not have enough time) into a minigame that somewhat suits the topic, in my opinion at least :)

Thank you for playing!



[Code] Sebastian Bähring
[Sprites & Art] Takooki
[Ambient Sound] "People at the supermarket ambience" via mixkit.co


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Wo gibt es denn diesen Supermarkt, wo man Kokain kaufen kann? Frage für einen Freund.

Das ist der, bei dem man auch Raketenbohnen kaufen kann. Vorne gleich links!